Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Destination.....Homemade Blackberry Pie

Picking Blackberries is a renewed memory from when I was a teenager.   The pie is one of my own creations in the past month.
The journey is the experience of strolling thru the beautiful countryside in search of the wonderful blackberry.  This is where we're headed today!
This blackberry stand is in a cow pasture at the end of our property.  Some day I will figure out how to get the sound in my video, so that you can hear the birds singing and the breeze blowing.

For those that have never been on a berry hunt....this is how these critters grow.  The berries are perched on STICKER beware.  Ahhh! but the stickers are a small price to pay for the flavor of the berry.

Here are some close-ups of these tiny jewels...the little pink and red ones need days of rain and sunshine before they are ready!
Sampling the biggest, juiciest berries is not only permitted...but required.
Be sure to take some time while you are sampling to look around for other wonders out here in nature...and listen to birds, frogs, ......
That little blacksnake is more frightened of you than you should be of him...give him a minute and brother snake will be on his way.
When our fingers are stained...when our tongues are black...that is the time to turn back!
Tomorrow we will finish the journey with our pie making and baking and best of all....Eating!!!
Hope y'all have enjoyed...I have
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