Monday, July 8, 2013

The balance of Intimacy & Anonimity

As I was out picking blackberries this morning, I was treated to the insight of blogging.  I had chosen to share some more of my paintings, but had nothing to say...I usually let the work speak for itself.

I have this incredible need to share....I have this incredible desire to be by myself. 

Welcome to my space while staying in your own comfortable space.
I share...You enjoy....there are no awkward or embarrassing moments.
No need to compliment, or accept compliments.  No comments needed.
I am comfortable in my own place while I share...You are in yours while you enjoy.
Wear the clothes that you like...drink your favorite drink...share with your mates, or don't share at all.
If I don't interest you...don't continue.  I've already filled my desire...I've shared.
I am not sharing as I experience, I'd rather do that alone.  Then share as I saw it, "Thru My Eyes".  Sometimes I can share the sounds of the moment...sometimes I'll add music that I like...Too bad that I cannot share the fragrances or flavors...I'll leave you to fill in for yourself.

These are some of my Loving Portraits.....Please Enjoy!
Thanks for visiting!

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