Sunday, October 6, 2013

Animal Spirit Totems...Sister Spider Part 2

Welcome to my newest post, part 2 of my "dissertation" on Sister Spider as an Animal Totem or Spirit Guide.  I won't bore you with facts or fantasy from other sources...there are many out there if you are so inclined to do research.  I'm not here to do a "reading" for you or give you questions to answer to see if Spider is your Spirit Guide.  These are the "messages" that I believe Sister Spider had for me at this particular time.  Now please!!! Let's loosen up ....this is not generic woo woo, just some ramblings, perhaps insights and beautiful photographs of mine to share with you.
For me, Spider uses her tool of the web for my "lesson" she is trying to convey.  Webs are very fragile looking, yet are strong.  It is not only her home, but also her hunting ground.  She keeps herself centered, in the middle with all of the activity around her, with a 360 degree view.
The particular Spider that visited me this time, at first put her web up every evening and took it down in the morning, as she would if she were out in the trees and shrubs.  After a few days she understood that she was protected from too much sun, rain, and someone running into it during the day while she was resting.  Now all she had to do was repair any damage that was done the night before.  Lessons I was learning to apply to my own life at this time.

Sister Spider needed a lot of patience spinning again and again.  Creating and recreating...repairing.  I asked myself why would she need to do this over and over?  Hmmmmmmmmm, kind of like Art.  I feel the need and must go to work!  Always the same, but always changing...kind of like Life.   
It's raining today...renewal, replenishing,cleansing...a new beginning for all.

Thanks for visiting, taking your time to view what I am sharing.  This time I chose my Art to be my Photography and perhaps my writings!

Joy & Love


  1. Amazing, fantastic article about the spider. It's so cool how you look at this in relation to your own life. I call that wisdom , learning from what nature teaches you. You are a special woman Diane. Many blessings along your path.

    1. Thank you Debbie, I have been blessed by knowing people like you :)!

  2. Very interesting post! I love how the spider came to you and how she was talking to you!! The pictures are amazing! Breath taking!!