Tuesday, October 29, 2013


When the Frost is on the Pumpkin....The Sky is Clear...The Air is Crisp...

                                     There is Magic in This World

My favorite holiday!
Quite a few years ago when we lived in Bliss, Idaho, we used to put on quite the show for our Trick or Treaters.  I would make a homemade treat.  Some years it was caramel & candied apples...or Somemores made completely from scratch.  But MY favorite was peanut brittle.  I always had to make extra for my husband (Dan) and I...even some of the young adults would come around for the treats!  We lived out in the country, so all of the children had to be driven around.  We were a small community, so word of mouth increased our traffic every year!  I never had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
We decorated the loooong driveway and had big spiders jumping out of trees, a hanged man, ghosts, chains rattling and of course our big dog barking!  If they made it to the back deck, they came inside where it was decorated much tamer and got to select their treat!

Now we just have the usual home décor of skulls
and bones and add a few cute yard ornaments.

For your enjoyment I have decided to share some more of the 
Spirit Guardians
as this is Their Time of the Year!!!!

Just in case you didn't know...some of the Spirit Guardians are looking for a new home.  There are several at My Etsy Shop or you can email me atflowderbell@gmail.com
I hope you have a positively creepy Halloween, along with some good clean fun and yummy treats!
Oh! and I am always visited by my beautiful Spirit Cat that I adored all the years she was with me! Say Hello to Flower!

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  1. I love Flower!! She is beautiful! Happy Halloween! My favorite time of the year too! When I use to trick or treat, we had our favorite houses that made homemade goodies too! We lived in the country and had to be driven around! It was so much fun! Take Care ;o)