Saturday, August 10, 2013

For Cat Lovers Only

My name is Patience.  It was given to me by my human Mama.
I don't remember how I got lost from my kitty Mom....I only remember some with 5 tentacles wrapping around me and pulling me from my safe place.  I was sooooo scared.  At least the monster didn't eat me, but took me some where else where more humans put me in a box and kept looking at me.  I went way to the back and tried to hide.   They kept sticking their faces up to a cage like place and showing me their teeth.  I knew they were waiting to Eat Me....Oh No!!!

  I was at the pet store to buy flea poison for the dogs
 and canned food for my very old cat.  I go out and shop once a month for most of our provisions.  The girl at the check out counter asked if any one wanted to take home a kitten.  It seems that this little girl was found across the street at a car dealership and a kind man brought it to them.  I took one look at those big round eyes on a tiny cat and said, " I'll be back for her after I shop!"

I got her home after a stop at the feed store...parked the truck...told my husband (Daniel) her story and where she would go while we unloaded the truck so the dogs wouldn't find and eat her.  I carried the box she was put in into the house and into the pantry and closed the door.  I went back outside to unload the truck...opened the passenger door and a streak of grey leaped out and shot under the truck!!!!
I had to be very patient if I was ever to convince her to trust me and come out of the woods where she tore off to after hissing at me when I tried to pry her out from underneath the truck...hence her name.  Everything turned out well and now you get to watch the very first Home Movie of Patience!
Thanks for your Patience with me and my new "daughter & friend".