Monday, September 30, 2013

Animal Totems...Animal Spirit Guides

I have been inspired by Sarah Cross and her great Sunday Interview blog feature of my shop on etsy,here, to listen to the Animal Spirits.

Sometimes I hear their voices, sometimes they are in my dreams, sometimes they visit me in a physical body.
This time, sister spider decided to build a web across our sliding glass door.
She did this for several weeks...spinning at night, taking it up and retiring to the gutter during the day.  Her web increased in size as so did she!
At first I mostly watched with fascination at the building each was awesome.  She started to move her web toward the South end of the house as she reappeared each night.
After a few weeks, she disappeared, I thought she was gone forever.
Last night (3 weeks later)...she reappeared and started all over.
I new she had messages for me woven into her web.

This is the beginning of a series on our Animal Spirit Guides or Animal Totems.  I'll choose an animal (or it will choose me) each month. We'll share stories, lore, different cultures ideas and see if any of you have been chosen by these animals.  If there is one that you would like to "check out", let me know!
I'll also be working on a painting of each totem throughout the month and will list it on my etsy shop when finished.  Perhaps you will be interested in your own original of your Spirit Guide, or a print of the "Spirit Totem of the Month".

I'll start with Sister Spider because she chose me and October is filled with magic as it leads us into Autumn, Harvest, and my favorite Holiday...Hallo'een!

Let's have some FUN!

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  1. Hi Diane. It is so amazing how spiders spin their webs. They work so hard. I'm looking forward to seeing your Animal Spirit guide stories and art.
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. I read your interview! It was great Diane! I never thought about Giraffes the way you described them! All the best ;o)