Monday, December 2, 2013

After the colors of Autumn turn to brown, black & white of winter

The time after Thanksgiving (for those of us in the U.S.) or the first day of December, is, to me...the beginning of Winter.  We've had cold temperatures and rain and frost and a tiny bit of snow.  The leaves now all cover the ground and when it rains or the animals & birds walk thru them, they crackle and rustle...lovely sounds that you can only hear at this time of the year.  The only bright colors are in the that the leaves are mostly gone from the trees, the winter sunsets are fabulous.  I think that is Mother Natures way of brightening up our world when all the outdoors is resting, some in a very deep sleep.

Since it is December, I can "correctly" begin my "holiday" decorating.  I like to bring the bright colors of the season that we only get a glimpse of into my home.  The reds of the berries and the beautiful Cardinals and Finches.  The greens of the evergreens, winter vines, and duck feathers.  The rainbows and golds after a rain and the sun comes out.  In keeping with the "holiday" season...I LOVE Santa Claus and have begun making a collection of this most magical being on Earth.

I plan to share often in this Quiet...Restful...Meditative time. 
Filling our home with the wonderful fragrances of home cooking & baking is another joy of my husband's and mine...Sharing them with you will be part of the Merry Season!
Thank you for letting me share!
Love & Joy!


  1. I love Santa Claus too ;o) Cooking and baking, yummy ;o) Love your sunset picture ;o) Beautiful ;o) Take Care, Hugs ;o)

  2. Love your post Diane. Your fireplace looks so awesome and I'd like to be sitting at that table eating the apple crisp and a cup of hot coffee. The sunset are really awesome here when we have clouds. Always love it. It's raining here today. We are having another winter storm for a few days.