Friday, November 8, 2013

Enforcing The Boundaries of My Sacred Space

There has been a black cow intruding into the horse pasture off & on for a couple of days.  We could see it from the house, but when I walked the hill to the pasture it had disappeared.  Perhaps it wasn't in our pasture, but next door where it belongs.  Perhaps it was an apparition teaching me a lesson?

Let me go back to a week or so ago with another strange story before I go on.
As far as I've known there are only cows in the pasture of our next door neighbors.  I had taken a walk in the woods and noticed that our horses were checking out something next door.  I walked up the hill and to my delight there were two darling mini-horses, one black&the other white.  They were standing in the corner of the pasture and were very friendly when I approached to say Hi.  They reminded me that I had a bit of fence down (barbed wire from the previous owner of our home) and that my horses might get tangled if I didn't get rid of it.  Needless to say, I took care of it right away.  I Always listen to the animals!  I saw these precious creatures one more time that day and then they disappeared...never to be seen again.
Now the cow...
Yesterday afternoon, it was definitely in the pasture.  As I ran up the hill (I'm getting toooo old to be running up the hill) I saw it walk between our strands of hot wire (It's always off during the day) and mosy off at the neighbors.  I did a little looking around and discovered that it was tearing down our fence to use our pasture to escape for "greener pastures".

This morning I carried some supplies out to repair the fence.  It was a beautiful, sunny, calm, cool day in my favorite place...The Woods.
Some of the marauders!!!!!
                                                                               Fence repair makes a woman warm & thirsty!!!

                     Suspicious Hair caught in the Barbed Wire Fence!
I HATE barbed wire, but it is the only thing to keep the cows in or out, whichever side of the fence your are on!
Perhaps one of their own in this condition would keep them out!!!!
Hopefully there will be no more of this shit or the cows that left it on our side of the fence!!!
I hope you enjoyed the adventures today.  Just another day out in the country to share with those of you that have a different kind of life!
Joy & Love!


  1. I'm glad it was a nice day to fix the fence ;o) Great photos! I agree with you, always listen to the animals ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. I love the woods where you live. It looks so beautiful. Your photos are great.